The Picture That Inspired Me

This is the picture by Ron Burton that inspired me to become a professional photographer over 40 years ago. It triggered my determination that some day I would work for a national daily newspaper. It had a tremendous effect on me – initially, I suppose, because of my boyhood interest in aeroplanes, but it was much deeper than that.

Iconic and Revolutionary

Bob Aylott started in Fleet Street as a 15-year-old tea boy in 1964. Three years later he was hired as a photographer at the famous Keystone Press Agency and in 1968 was named British News Photographer of the Year. He was another Keystone man who admired Ron Burton and his work.

Best of Burton

Extract from an article in the Daily Herald 13 December 1962 celebrating Ron Burton's achievement in winning British Press Photographer of the Year for the second time.

'One of our Herald team of photographers has done it again.

Ron Burton, who was adjudged British Press Photographer of the Year in 1958, has again won the title in this year's Encyclopaedia Britannica competition. Two such awards in the career of a young photographer is a triumph for the man - and incidentally a feather in the cap of the newspaper which employs him...  

Thinking on Your Feet

Kent Gavin, a contemporary of Ron Burton in the Golden Age of Fleet Street, gives a personal view of his long time colleague.

I was fortunate to work at Keystone where some of the great newspaper photographers like Ron had already forged their reputations. I was just starting and running prints around Fleet Street but I knew of his work.

Capturing magic

Martin Stephens, ex Managing Director, PA Images reflects on some of the characteristics that define press photographers

The life of a press photographer can be a varied one. Though some specialise in one area such as sport or celebrity there are many, nowadays often working in the regions, who may find themselves in the company of royalty one day, at a political demonstration the next and on the third trying to think of a way to illustrate fracking by 11am in the morning.