Fleet Street's First XI

Fleet Street's First XI and their Nikons

A classic Nikon ad (see below) from the late 1970's or early 1980's, featuring Ron Burton with other Fleet Street colleagues including Monty Fresco, Tony Eyles and Colin Davey.

But who took the picture and where was the ad published?

Standing, from left to right, are Tony Eyles of The Sun, Frank Barratt of The Daily Star, John Downing of The Daily Express, Monty Fresco of The Daily mail, Ian Turner of the Evening News, Ron Burton of the Daily Mirror, Geoffrey Wilkinson of The Sunday Mirror. In front of them, again from left to right, are Bryan Wharton of The Sunday Times, Colin Davey of The Evening Standard, Eamon McCabe of The Observer and Edward Hamilton-West of The Guardian.

Nikon Fleet street Photographers Advert

The text on the ad reads:

'The photographers in our picture all work for eleven of the most famous newspapers in Fleet Street. Each of them is holding the Nikon camera that accompaies him on tough news assignments around the world. In each case it's either the FE or FM.

It's no concidence that after careful consideration they all arrived independently at the same two models. The reasons for their choice are interesting - perhaps the same reasons that influence you when you come to choose a quality 35mm SLR camera.

The Nikon FE and FM are part of the world's largest 35mm camera system.

They are both optically perfect and totally reliable. they have to be, otherwsie Fleet Street would reject them out of hand.

Although the two cameras look alike, the principle difference is that the FE is an automatic camera with an electronic shutter and manual override, whilst the FM is a manual camera with a mechanically operated shutter. Both cameras allow the photographer control in all types of critical picture situations.

And the lenses are everything you've come to expect from Nikon.

Both the FE and FM feel good in the hands. Snug and compact with silk-smooth controls right under your fingertips. And when you add the MD-12 Motor Drive to either camera you'll notice how it still feels well balanced and nice to hold. The way Fleet Street likes it.'

When you think what Nikon does for the National Press everyday, just think what it could do for you.