Best of Burton

Extract from an article in the Daily Herald 13 December 1962 celebrating Ron Burton's achievement in winning British Press Photographer of the Year for the second time.

'One of our Herald team of photographers has done it again.

Ron Burton, who was adjudged British Press Photographer of the Year in 1958, has again won the title in this year's Encyclopaedia Britannica competition. Two such awards in the career of a young photographer is a triumph for the man - and incidentally a feather in the cap of the newspaper which employs him...  

...Ron went to work in the darkroom of a national picture agency in 1940. He joined the Navy in 1943 and "saw the world" as the song says, for three years. When demobbed he bought his own camera - a 9 x 12 centimetres plate affair - and rejoined the agency as a photographer.

His way to stardom was astronautic.

It was when he won his award in 1958 that the Herald decided that Ron Burton should be on the staff of a go-ahead paper intent on the best news and feature pictures.

Ron said of his own success:" I just happened to be there at the right moment."